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Research & Development

Clinical trial recruitment and site selection can be difficult, especially in the rare disease space. Trio's innovative technology platform and comprehensive, real-time patient insights make it possible to quickly and efficiently identify patients who meet your criteria.

Unmet need identification to inform your research decisions
Optimize patient identification & feasibility for clinical trials
Innovate and improve trial design, develop synthetic control arms
Drive pricing strategy and accelerate your time to market
actionable patient cohort is identified via trio's manufacturer portal. For example, Rheumatoid arthritis patients with an unfavorable change in their last two disease activity scores
clinical protocol development starting with patients with an RA diagnosis that have been active on orencia for >90 days. Cohort is then narrowed to patients who experienced an unfavorable change between their last two activity scores. Finally, the cohort is reduced to those patients whose most recent disease activity score was high.
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Our Competitive Advantage 

Ability to monitor real-world drug usage and safety in real-time

Direct EMR access to identify unmet patient needs at the physician/practice level

Access to the physician and patient voice to understand the why behind treatment decisions

Scientific Steering Committees (SSCs) comprised of highly respected, disease-specific key opinion
leaders (KOLs) to identify key research trends to support innovative study designs

Linking data via Datavant Tokens to supplement data and insights

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