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Trio's Methodology

Trio's Methodology

At Trio, we merge and supplement data for robust insights with no burden to the physician or practice.

Say goodbye to manual entry, outdated insights, and data gaps.

Trio operates under a BAA with each physician, receiving read-only EMR access and nightly
files containing millions of patient records.

Trio's clinically-trained scribes validate and supplement this elusive data with speed and certainty to
fully understand the patient and physician voice, and the "why" behind treatment decisions.

graphic of a file folder containing structured data with PHI that is received via a nightly file
trio validates and supplements data using chart abstractors and smart forms
trio receives unstructured data such as notes, labs, and scans from the emr
Doctor holding patients hand

Comprehensive Patient Journeys

Real-world data has come a long way, but most vendors are still limited to structured data for evidence generation.

With Trio, insights from unstructured data are possible, giving you a deeper understanding of the patient and opportunities to improve outcomes.

Best-In-Class Security

computer screen
open book

Infrastructure Built
With Integrity

Dedicated CISO team

Secure environments

Multiple security advisors

Data encryption

24-hour malware checking

Independent Regulatory Audit Platform

Annual penetration test
by an
outside security firm

Audit results available
under a CDA

 Comprehensive security
document that can be
reviewed by Trio’s CISO
team under a CDA

Policy, Procedures,
and Training

Access control using
Multi-factor Authentication

HIPAA InfoSec Training Security
Policies in place for Employee

Awareness for PHI handling

Access Control Procedures
for blocking malware

Endpoint Security

Our alliances

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