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Medical Affairs Solutions

Trio’s tech-enabled solution offers both retrospective and prospective data collection, and real-time patient surveillance. We help you to understand real-world clinical performance and identify opportunities for improvement.


Custom Patient-Level Clinical Data

Access retrospective and highly robust clinical data, organized into a standard disease data model. Benefit from data curated specifically for your project and tokenized to seamlessly integration with other data sources, CATALYST enhances your existing data assets, providing a fuller picture for deeper insights.


A Deep Dive into Clinical Realities

SPECTRA offers comprehensive chart reviews that transform unstructured data from patient records into actionable insights. By extracting detailed information from physician notes, lab results, and other sources, SPECTRA provides a deeper understanding of treatment outcomes, adherence patterns, and patient journeys.


Empower Your Strategic Initiatives

TRIO360 offers custom research and analytics support through our managed services that leverage Trio Health’s agile data capabilities providing our clients with deep, actionable insights. From data visualization to complex analytics projects, TRIO360 is collaborative and flexible to meet your business objectives.

Patient-level clinical insights; prospective & retrospective
Analyze safety and efficacy in
understudied patient cohorts
Refine medical affairs
and MSL strategy

Our Competitive Advantage 

  • Ability to monitor real-world drug usage and safety in real-time
  • Linking data via Datavant Tokens to supplement data and insights
  • Direct EMR access to identify unmet patient needs at the physician/practice level
  • Access to the physician and patient voice to understand the why behind treatment decisions
  • Scientific Steering Committees (SSCs) comprised of highly respected, disease-specific key opinion
    leaders (KOLs) to identify key research trends to support innovative study designs


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