Custom Solutions
Trio has developed a modular technology platform that can be customized for each client to collect in real-time patient level data across the entire patient journey. Develop a drug or disease-based surveillance platform that can be deployed once the client defines the following:
  • Data and insight required for prior, during and out of therapy patients
  • Select and customize: RxHUB, TrioDispense, TrioClinical
  • Patient, physician, pharmacy inclusion (limited, open distribution)
  • Customize analytical deliverables & RWE publication strategy


Trio has developed a disease-based HUB to outsource the management and workflow of prior authorizations for the purpose of patient access to drugs. Trio’s platform is open and free to all physicians and pharmacies. For Trio’s RxHUB to complete prior authorizations and manage the prior to therapy portion of the journey, requires access to PHI. Physician practices electing to utilize the RxHUB requires a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Trio Health. 


Trio has developed a proprietary technology solution that combines specialty pharmacies data into a single portal that is accessible to an approved covered entity (physician or practice user). At no time will Trio Health have access to PHI. Trio assigns a unique patient ID to allow either the physician or the practice to append clinical information to each Trio ID. At no time does PHI leave the physician’s practice. Trio receives no PHI from either the physicians or pharmacies that elect to participate in the platform. Each pharmacy and physician practice sign an agreement with Trio Health. Trio does not require a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with the pharmacy or physician for this service.